Newborn Pricing and Information

Newborn sessions

I am so excited to (once again) be offering newborn sessions in my new studio! Newborn sessions are so special. These sessions focus on beautiful & detailed images of your precious newborn… from tiny fingers & toes, to the little rolls on his/her back… nothing makes me happier than capturing those first few days and special moments with your brand new baby.

Newborn Session… $350
Approximately 2.5 hours
Viewing gallery of your edited images emailed to you (password protected)
Approximately 50 edited, high resolution images available for digital download or on a CD included
Prints may be purchased through your online viewing gallery 
A La Carte Items available for purchase…
Professional Prints

A Few Common Questions and Good Information to Know in Advance…

Where do these sessions take place?

Most all of my newborn sessions take place in my home studio which you can view here. I am willing to travel to your home; however, there is an additional travel/time fee added depending on location.

When do you recommend photographing newborns?

I recommend before 10 days old but the sooner the better!

How do I book my session?

We get your due date on my calendar and I just know to expect an arrival email sometime around your due date.  I ask that once he/she arrives that you email me and let me know so we can go ahead and find a day & time.

What props do you have? Can I use them during my newborn session?

I have a constant growing stash of backdrops, hats, wraps, bows, newborn outfits, crates, etc. that are all available to use for your newborn during your session. I also recommend bringing a few special outfits, hats or bows, jewelry, etc.  that you have purchased as well, whenever possible.

How long do these sessions last and what if my newborn doesn’t cooperate/sleep? 

Most of my newborn session take around 2 to 2.5 hours. Around the 2.5 hour mark, we usually go ahead and start wrapping up the session. Posing your newborn is serious business. I often tell my clients, newborn sessions can be the most challenging but most rewarding sessions for me. Most babies do not sleep the majority of the session. I have learned what poses seem to work better and try to adjust the poses to your baby’s mood. A good portion of the session is spent nursing/feeding/cuddling/rocking, etc. your baby back to sleep and getting your baby perfectly posed.

How many different “sets” do you use?

I aim for 3 different “sets” and in each set I take a variety of images for you. I generally do a fabric backdrop set, a basket/crate/crib set, and then the bean bag set… (but I let you have a look around and decide what you like the best and we plan out your session upon arrival. I also do pictures of parents & siblings with baby.

Can I bring siblings and/or get some pictures of  “us” with our newborn?

Absolutely! If you are bringing toddler or preschool aged siblings with you, I recommend having a husband, mother, or friend come along to help out with siblings. Once the sibling and family pictures have been taken, I usually recommend an outing for brother/sister. There is a Starbucks, a shopping center, and a couple grocery stores within a mile that make great outing options for siblings 😉

What should we wear?

Personally, I prefer soft color palettes. I love neutral tones (cream, peach, light blue, light pink…)- I think a soft color palette simplifies the image while enhancing the natural beauty and innocence of your newborn.

Here is a look at a recent newborn session that took place in my home studio…

February 20, 2013 - 12:54 am

Leigh Dever - Hey Jane!
So I would like to set up a tentative date for newborn pictures with you. Our due date is April 26. When do you reccommend taking pictures? We would like to do the 2 hour session, and then just buy the cd like we normally do… that price is $150, correct? Getting excited about the arrival of our newest addition and to have you meet him!

June 3, 2013 - 10:15 pm

Michael Corbin - I just wanted to invite you both to the Blue Ridge Region of the Virginia Professional Photographers Association June meeting next sunday, June 9th. Ellis Williamson of Durham, NC is presenting the program on ambient light photography and the use of supplemental lights/fill flash to enhance found light. You can access a copy of the BRVPPA June newsletter for the details at 2013 Newsletter.pdf and if you’d like to go, we’re carpooling from the parking lot of the Food Lion just south of the Lynchburg Airport at 2:30 sunday afternoon.

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